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“During my discussions with Bryce, I discovered that he has a sincere desire to help people. Because of this personality trait, he helps those around him. Just being in Bryce’s presence, one can pick up on his positive energy. You will have a renewed sense of confidence.” Cindey Bahney, A.V.H.S. 2014

“Bryce is a motivated person who sees personal development as the key to living a life that is better than average. He conveys that message very clearly in his speaking. I will have Bryce back again and will recommend him to my colleagues so that his message of not being average spreads.” Matt Smith, Oak Hills High School 2015

“I liked how you have me motivation to figure out my goals, but not only figure them out. To achieve them and to make me feel like anything is possible. I got motivation from you to do good in my life.” Hesperia Student 2016

“You really inspired me to believe in myself. You’re the only person who has done that to me. I know now that no one will stop me from what I want to do. Thank you!”

A.V.H.S. Student 2016

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