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Motivational speaking events for all ages.

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DBA lifestyle is all about doing everyday things, extraordinarily well, doing

what the average person won’t do.

Everyone dreams about having the perfect lifestyle. DBA lifestyle is not simply created by having more. The DBA lifestyle is a result of living more, of living up to your full potential

to creating a meaningful life.

The DBA community aims to achieve significance through intentional living. The more intentional we live, the more we do and the more we become. Living a DBA lifestyle is not a reward for all your hard effort,

it is a way of making all your hard effort actually 

mean something. 

Everyone has a purpose, by choosing to not live out your purpose, you choose an average life. You deprive yourself of a living experience. It affects you and it effects everyone that could’ve

benefited from your greatness.

We are all participating in this game called life and our opponent is mediocrity.

            To win the game plan is simple.           

Don’t Be Average.​






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